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  • The month of January is Book Angels12 birthday so we pick an author we love to promote for the whole month! This month we piked Gary Ruse! Gary has been a supporter of Book Angels12 from the start he is a great author and friend. So join us in the month long fun of Gary Ruse!

    I was born in Miami, Florida, the only child of Layton and Virginia Mae Ruse, who always encouraged my creative efforts, as did my maternal grandmother, Virginia Hensley. I have been writing, in one form or another, since childhood, coming up with imaginative projects. I read a great deal and wrote a lot of early stories, spending much time and effort to learn the mechanics, the craft and the art of writing.
    After graduating from the University of Miami in 1968 I was hired by William Morrow & Company in New York to illustrate “Machine Tools” and “Hoists, Cranes and Derricks” by Dr. Herbert S. Zim and James R. Skelly.
    Served in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Republic of Vietnam 1969-1970, as a Public Information Specialist (reporter, photographer, and editor of the Group level newspaper, editing and polishing materials from the Battalion level offices).
    I began writing fiction intensively after military service and sold my first story to Analog Science Fiction Magazine in 1972. Numerous other short stories and five novels followed. The first two novels, HOUNDSTOOTH (1975) and A GAME OF TITANS (1976), were large-scale techno-thrillers published by Prentice-Hall, with foreign editions by Sphere Books and Keibunsha. THE GODS OF CERUS MAJOR (1982) was a science fiction adventure published by Doubleday. MORLAC: THE QUEST OF THE GREEN MAGICIAN (1986) was an epic fantasy novel published by NAL/Signet Books, and DEATH HUNT ON A DYING PLANET (1988) was a science fiction adventure also published by NAL/Signet Books. I also have a number of eBooks: THE CROSS OF ST. ANNE, AGGIE & AGENT X and PERSEVERANCE TRIUMPHANT!.
    I have worked at the Community Newspapers in Miami for more than twelve years as a reporter and contributing editor, covering everything from local politics, feature stories and "positive people" stories to new business openings, with more than 1,000 by-lined stories published.

     A lot of my stories were inspired in unusual ways, but none as much as PERSEVERANCE TRIUMPHANT! I've been fan of Steampunk since before there was an official name for it. A little over a year ago, after seeing a Steampunk gathering, I awoke one morning obsessed with the idea of making a costume for myself for events and cons. I realized a costume required a persona. I started imagineering it over breakfast, mentally building the persona and the supporting background needed to make it work, adding more and more details, and after an hour or so I realized that what I had assembled in my mind was more than just a persona, it was enough conceptually to write either a screenplay or a novel.
    I started working on the screenplay for a two-hour film, suspending work on other projects, finally finished it and sent it to my Hollywood agent, who is showing it to producers currently. Then I did a novella length book version of it. And having a background in art as well as writing, I ended up doing all of the visual material needed for all of the above and created the websites for it, too.

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